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Salarii mirobolante la instituţii bugetivore

februarie 25, 2013

@ Adrian Năstase, @ Victor Ponta : Ca prim-miniştri ai României, Dumneavoastră aţi asigurat salarii enorme şefilor din Agenţiile, Curţile, Autorităţile, Direcţiile etc bugetare/bugetivore ale României. Totuşi studiile din cadrul seriei de “experimente Hawthorne” iniţiate de către profesorul Vannevar Bush de la MIT, , nu confirmă efectul ipotetic de ameliorare a randamentului şi eficienţei muncii presupus aprioric, citez pentru edificare : +In 1924, MIT professor Vannevar Bush began a series of experiments at the Western Electric Hawthorne Works, in Cicero, IL. He wanted to test the impact of specific changes in the work environment on the output of the workers. The first study was the Illumination Study. Researchers turned up the lights. Productivity went up. „Aha!” thought the researchers. They turned down the lights. Productivity went up. This was not what anyone expected. Bush and his team ultimately decided that the simple fact of being paid attention to accounted for the changes in output. In 1927, Elton Mayo and his colleagues showed up at the Hawthorne Works to conduct a second set of experiments. Their first round was called The Relay Assembly Test Room Experiments. This time they isolated a group of six women with established production rates. The women produced, on average, 2400 telephone relays a week. Over the next five years, the researchers tried twenty-three different changes in the working environment to see what would happen. Productivity went up. And up. And up. By the end of the first round of experiments, it appeared that changes in the physical environment had no affect on productivity. But absenteeism in the isolated group was a third of that for the entire plant. And the production of relays averaged 3000 per week per worker. Other interesting things happened as well. As the experiment went on the women acted more and more like a team. The experimenters allowed them a say in how things were done and what variables might be changed. This „team” impact was demonstrated in another way in the final phase of Mayo’s experiments. In 1931, Mayo and his colleagues began the Bank Wiring Observation Room Experiment. The idea was to study the effects of incentive pay for increased production. The researchers announced the incentives. Production stayed the same.+ Deci studiile iniţiate sub prestigioasa umbrelă a Institutului de Tehnologie din Massachusetts NU AU DEMONSTRAT CĂ STIMULENTELE FINANCIARE MĂRESC EFICIENŢA MUNCII. Astfel, salariile mirobolante pe care politica naivă şi de bună intenţie dusă de Dumneavoastră le-au asigurat şefilor/şefuleţilor de la instituţiile bugetare/bugetivore ale României nu au vreo justificare credibilă şi în Bibliografie.
Titus Filipas