Ce text gastronomic încărcat de psihologie !

+ A Southern biscuit is equal parts comfort and controversy, its quality, authenticity and very classification as a biscuit subject to dispute. Its most crucial ingredient is not flour, fat, leavening or liquid, but nostalgia. The biscuit you ate at your grandmother’s knee is the only biscuit there will ever be. Nevertheless, a number of New York City chefs and bakers have decided in the last few years to devote themselves to the biscuit’s tricky art. Takeout shops and restaurants revolving around biscuits have opened in the East Village; Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and Astoria, Queens. Small-batch biscuits can be ordered online from independent bakers who may show up on your doorstep or send their husbands to deliver them. Over the last month, I’ve sampled biscuits from nine of the newer vendors in town. No two were alike. In their array of sizes, flavors and textures, they were Rorschachs of buttermilk, revealing my prejudices: I tend to favor flaky middles over crispy bottoms, salty over sweet, and biscuits eaten straight, free of such interferences as honey or jam.+ http://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/14/dining/best-biscuits-nyc.html?hpw&rref=food&WT.nav=bottom-well&module=CloseSlideshow&region=SlideShowTopBar&version=SlideCard-7&action=click&contentCollection=Food&pgtype=imageslideshow
Rorschach este un test de apercepţie tematică, revelator al personalităţii. Personalitatea îl defineşte pe om în ceea ce priveşte alegerile personale. Cam aşa ceva discutam noi la cenaclul de anticipaţie Henri Coandă de la casa de cultură a UTC-ului din Craiova. Societatea românească a fost mult mai generoasă pe vremea comunismului proiectat de Nicolae Ceauşescu, decât pe vremea capitalismului adus de „revoluţie”.
Titus Filipas

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